Only positive feelings

ImagePeople here are very nice to me. Only a few of them can actually talk to me in English but everyone is ready to smile at me 24 hours a day 🙂 Some of them even talk Chinese to me and don’t care that I understand nothing 😀 A lot of people want to take photos with me so I feel as if I have come from another planet 🙂 They make me a lot of compliments. Someone even admired my nose today. NOSE, really???  O_o

ImageToday I also got a present from a security guard, an old man who doesn’t speak English and sees me only twice a day when I walk through the front door.  I was very touched but everyone in the office seemed rather shocked. As it became clear later the gift he gave me is considered to be very precious.

This is a stamp with my name that he made himself specially for me.

In Taiwan people don’t sign their documents, instead they stamp them. So everyone possesses their own stamp.

So now do I 🙂


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