My first day of teaching

So here we are.
Two previous weeks I was just helping an English teacher, observing a school life, decorating my OWN class room and, of course, playing with the kids! 😉 But starting from today I have to teach the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades by myself.

I have to admit I felt pretty nervous in the morning but when the kids entered the classroom and I started presenting my beautiful homeland to them all anxiety vanished. I was totally concentrated on what I was doing. Moreover, seeing interest in the kids’ eyes encouraged me to do my best. Very helpful was my nice colleague Alex who interpreted my speech when kids looked confused.

The first lesson was not perfect, though. The kids were sleepy and not really willing to respond. As for me I didn’t feel free enough to open myself to them. But my next classes were really great! The kids listened carefully, asked a lot of questions and were very active what made my job easy and very joyful. I myself felt free and was enjoying our communication very much!

I told them a lot about Belarus; we listened to some traditional songs, watched a video and trained their English vocabulary in the end. One class got a task to draw Belarus the way they saw it (photos attached) 😉

It is worth mentioning that the school I am working in is very well equipped so I even had a microphone attached to my scarf which I totally ignored first. However, after my second lesson when I felt that my voice didn’t sound so clear any more I grabbed the thing and never slipped it out of my hands again 🙂 This was a moment when I felt a deep remorse for our noisy behavior at school when poor teachers asked us to be quiet and to spare their voice but no reaction from our side followed.

Looking forward to my next day of teaching! (5 lessons) 🙂


As you can see in the pictures we all have warm clothes on. It is 13°C outside and no heating inside, so I am really freezing at work and home. That’s why I don’t put off any of my clothes when I come back home, instead I wrap myself in a blanket. Moreover, I even go to bed with my scarf around my neck! O_o  If someone had told me this would happen I would have never believed it. I was counting with sun and at least 20°C, so I didn’t take warm clothes with me. Now I am trying to save the situation with 3 pullovers, a light coat and a big scarf.So soooo bad!


2 thoughts on “My first day of teaching

  1. Hello Viktoria,
    I am French and I registered to participate to this Bridge the Gap project in Taïwan (Hsinchu) during summer 2017.
    I was selected and I have now 3 days to give an answer.
    I see that you did it almost 3 years ago, so it’s quite long time ago now. But I wanted to ask you if you would be ready anyway to tell me a bit more about it and answer few questions.
    Thank you in advance 🙂


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