My observations on Taiwanese life style (+comparisons to Germany and Belarus), part 1

  1. Taiwan is a right- driving country.
  2. Floor counting starts here with the first floor, as in Belarus or America. In Germany and in Britain it starts with the ground (zero) floor.
  3. Taiwanese people are really small and thin. It happens very seldom to observe someone suffering from overweight here.
  4. If someone sneezes, no reaction from people around will follow.
  5. ImageLight touches of a hand or shoulder during a conversation are acceptable between adults but hugs as a form of greeting or saying goodbye are not appropriate (sad but true. I miss Germany and the possibility to hug my good friends or just people I like!)
  6. ImageLoudly blowing your nose in public is impolite (the same in Belarus, the direct opposite in Germany).
    Ohh yes, I have to speak out on this topic! Sometimes the situation is quite unbearable in Germany, for example, when you are taking an exam in a large hall and the examiner is reading a text using his microphone. Suddenly he wants to blow his nose but doesn’t come to the idea to turn his face from the mike and so he makes 200 people ‘enjoy’ this terrific sound. Or, even better, you are attending a university lecture in winter when almost everyone is sick and probably sees their duty in blowing their noses as laud as only possible, so that you are not able to hear the professor’ speech anymore. Obviously, this orchestra evokes the very opposite of delight in you.
  7. Smoking is not very popular, especially in small towns.Image
  8. Cigarettes are unimaginably cheap. A pack of Pall Mall costs only 1,5 Euros here. In Belarus even cheaper – 1 Euro. But in Germany you have to give up 5 Euros for one pack. That’s why most Germans just separately buy tobacco, cigarette’s paper and filters and make their own cigarettes.
  9. There is no central heating in houses. Not at all. The one thing people might install to warm themselves up is an air conditioner which has 2 modes: a cooling and a heating one. Bur not all people possess this kind of air conditioner. (That’s why I am freezing so badly here!) 
  10. The air is polluted. Frankly speaking, when I arrived in Taiwan I saw/smelled/felt no air pollution at all. The one thing I smelt was the Ocean. But even if I couldn’t and still can’t see pollution in the air I can see its results on my skin 😦 No terrible changes have happened, fortunately, but my skin looks worse as it used to in Germany. And I am sure  these changes have not been caused by food, ‘cos my diet here is healthier than the one I had in Germany.
  11. ImageEveryone here is a fun of a V-sign or, in other words, a world-known peace sign. And by saying everyone I mean it! Kids, adults, old people and even 1-year-old babies use it. I have a feeling babies can show this sign before they learn how to say “mom”. However, this sign doesn’t have any special meaning in Taiwan. People show it just to demonstrate they are happy.

4 thoughts on “My observations on Taiwanese life style (+comparisons to Germany and Belarus), part 1

  1. With reference to air quality , there is nothing more precise than your description . The air pollution is getting worse as China is located nearby and we have nowhere to move . I figure you must know the great dust storm from the northern side of China (supposed from Mongolia) which has chased out the American ambassador 駱家輝 in Peikin . It is all that disgraceful and suffering to most Chinese .

    Hope you can enjoy the time staying in Taiwan


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