A piece of Belarus in Taiwan

Yesterday we visited a Belarusian restaurant in Taiwan, Fongyuan City. Yeeees, I was also surprised that a country where a lot of people don’t even know where Belarus is has our traditional restaurant!

The name of the restaurant is “Retski’s kitchen”. It was opened by a Belarusian men who moved to Taiwan and married a Taiwanese woman several years ago.

I was very excited to come there. As it has been 7 months since I last visited home so I was looking forward to eating our food, something made from POTATOES. And how huge was my surprise and disappointment when I opened a menu and found there NOTHING of our traditional food! Not a single dish from potatoes! O_o

We found there Italian spaghetti, Mexican chicken, Norwegian salmon, English fish and chips and so on and so forth. But there were only three things that I could accept as Belarusian cuisine: vodka, kvas (a drink made from bred) and pancakes (although this is actually more Russian food than ours).

But I have to admit that the place is nicely decorated. You really can feel Belarusian atmosphere there. The waiters/waitresses were something similar to our national clothes (I found it very cute to see an Asian person dressed in Slavic clothes!) 🙂 They also have two names, a Chinese and a Belarusian one. In the restaurant everyone can enjoy Belarusian/Russian music and buy sweets which were directly brought  from Belarus (however, the same sweets you can buy in Belarus three times cheaper).

So, my conclusion: a great place to have a look at traditional Belarusian culture but  if you want to eat Belarusian food you probably have to go to Belarus to try it (or you might ask you Belarusian friend to cook for you) 😉


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