My observations on Taiwanese life style, part 2

  1. Taiwanese people love visiting doctors. A simple headache makes them postpone their duties and line up in the doctor’s waiting room. It is so different from Belarus! In my country people mostly believe their illness is not serious and will vanish by itself. If they think it might do some harm to them, they will go to the pharmacy and buy some medicine. Going to see a doctor is the last resort for them.
  2.  In public toilets you will mostly find one bottle of liquid soap but you will hardly see anyone using it. Water seems to be enough to make hands clean O_o
  3. IMG_1399A lot of people wear medical masks here. I was sure they do it because they are afraid of catching an infection from other people. But it turned out that Taiwanese people are so thoughtful that they were a mask when they are sick in order to prevent infecting other people. Such caring for each other is a rarity nowadays.
  4.  In student dorms every room is meant for 2 or, mostly, 4 people. The same in Belarus. In Germany everyone enjoys the privacy of their own room (compare: collectivistic vs. individualistic culture)
  5. Shops are mostly opened till 10 p.m, also on Saturday and Sunday. In Germany most shops close at 8 p.m. Moreover, it is pretty difficult, almost impossible, to find a 24h shop. Sunday is a family day, so NO store is opened. In Belarus Sunday is the main day for going shopping
  6. Scooters are very popular. People even manage to drive it having two of their kids ‘on board’ what is not allowed, of course, but…who actually cares? 😀
  7. Everyone possesses an English name that they freely choose by themselves or get from a teacher/parent.
  8. The nails of some men are longer than mine what looks…hm…how to say? It looks repulsive! I am not asserting that most of Taiwanese men follow this ‘fashion’ but I have definitely seen enough of them what allows me to make such a statement. And don’t accuse me of selective attention, please. Men’s hands are something I always pay my attention to 😉
  9. snowflake-dog-pajamasTaiwanese people love dogs, but only SMALL dogs. During these 4 weeks here I have observed so many different races of tiny dogs! Well, it doesn’t surprise me: tiny people – tiny dogs. 😉 Germans, on the contrary, prefer big dogs. Moreover, possessing a dog is a real trend in Germany. As Peter Fox sings: “Jeder hat einen Hund, aber keinen zum Reden” (Eng: “Everyone has a dog, but no one to talk to”).
  10. 99% of cars have tinted glass.
  11. Waiting time at the traffic lights is 86 seconds. Unimaginably long!!!

One thought on “My observations on Taiwanese life style, part 2

  1. In general I really appreciate your keen observation to Taiwan . Most Taiwanese live in a similar way as you said above. No further comment by me . In terms of your point 5 , as a matter of fact , not only in Taiwan but also in most Asian countries share similar ideas to most Taiwanese . They love and have to work around clock . I would rather say most Taiwanese were taught to earn a considerable amount of money to afford their basic lives rather than savor their lifetime . You may calculate how much time most parents will leave for their children . On the contrary , it is hard to define it is good or bad ,at least , I am not a 24-7 workaholic , nor a typical hardworking bee . Far and away, diligent work is the most precious core value for Taiwanese . Most Taiwanese were described as 3 typical characters : fearing death , loving money and selfishness by a former governer from Japan during the Japanese ruling times . He really shot the target .


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