Please meet a crazy ice cream! ;)

DSC_0420llWell, you doubt this is an ice cream? Oh, I totally understand you. But believe me, they call it ice cream, moreover a very special and traditional one.
 In the picture you see a 500ml cup which is filled with simple crushed ice from the bottom to the top. This ice is seasoned with some sweet-salty syrup. I have to admit, I have never been a fan of an ice pop, so I didn’t find a lot pleasure in spooning crushed ice. But if you are patient enough and make it to the middle of the cup you will get a prize: a tiny ball of vanilla ice cream. But don’t expect too much. This ice cream is again veeery cold, not this tender full-cream ice I used to. (People always lough at me when I say that one ice cream can be colder than another) 🙂 This one probably contains very little fat what makes it good for your figure but the taste is far from satisfactory.

On the top there are red beans. Yes, you heard it right, RED BEANS.  They are EVERYWHERE here: in bread, cakes, ice cream, ice tee. You even can find candies with red beans’ flavor! Craaaaaazzy 😀

this is an ice cream for terribly hot days and for fans of popsicles 😉
But not for me.


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