How I am Becoming More and More German

These are the things that I either have never done or which were very atypical for me before I came to Germany. These are the things and practices that I encounter daily in Germany and, therefore, absorb.

1. I drink Club Mate. Very seldom but it still counts.
(Club Mate is definitely the national drink of German youth 🙂 )

2. I’ve thrown away my bags and now possess and actively use 2 backpacks and 2 jute bags. Sometimes simultaneously.

3. I ride a bicycle.

4. I can blow my nose in the presence of other people

5. I eat during the lectures.

6. I can put on my working shoes and a simple gray pullover and ride to the university like this. Moreover, I feel ok with that.

7. Ironing? Now I can do without it.

9. I almost never wear high heels 😦
(even worse: I have a feeling I am loosing my so well-trained skills necessary to perform this activity)

10. I use antibiotics only if the situation becomes unbearable.

11. There are lots of cards with funny, wise or double meaning sayings on my wardrobe.

12. I think kebab is tasty, especially a vegetarian one.

13. I don’t leave house without my notebook and my watch.

14. Every time I get introduced to someone I shake their hand.

15. Internships are my new religion 🙂

16. I smoke from time to time. Weed, of course.

17. I drink lots of water

18. I meet with my friends for  breakfast or for lunch so that we can eat together and simultaneously discuss our latest news

19. I got fined twice! First time I payed 300 euros for downloading a shity movie; recently I gave up 40 euros for not having a ticket for my bicycle while being on the tram. RULES, rules…

20. I am very cautious about authors’ rights
(what no one cares about in Belarus)

21. I sign petitions



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