The Importance of WATER in German society

A typical dialog during my first months in Germany:imagea

– Oh, I have a headache!
– Have you drunk enough water today?
– Häää? What does water have to do with my headache???

At the beginning I could not understand the connection. The reasonable response to my complain I saw in a phrase typical for my countrymen: “Have you taken any medicine yet?”

With the time I realized, however, how completely different the attitude towards water in Belarus and in Germany is.
In Belarus you drink it when you are at home and if you are really reeaaaaly thirsty. You probably just make a few sips. That’s all. As a pupil, I, for example, never had anything to drink in my backpack, even is I spent 7-8 hours at school. Neither had any of my classmates. In Germany no kid will leave house without a nice, colorful bottle filled with water or, alternatively, Apfelschorle.

Water accompanies you everywhere in Germany. Almost everyone is running around with
a bottle of water, often as big as 1.5 liters. People also often use special fancy metal or plastic bottles, which you will never see in Belarus because of two reason: first of all, people do not take smth to drink with them (I don’t know how they manage to survive and how I myself survived through these 20 ‘dry’ years in Belarus!) Secondly, Belarusian people would see such a purchase as a total waste of money. Why spending money on a metal bottle if one can buy, use and then hundred times re-use a simple plastic one?

Water in Germany is a way of life, a healthy attitude, ein MUSS, if one wants to be healthy. Therefore, there is a simple solution to lots of problems. You have a headache, you feel tired or exhausted, you can’t concentrate? DRINK SOME WATER!
Simple is that 😉


6 thoughts on “The Importance of WATER in German society

  1. Just in addition to what you wrote: tap water in Germany is subject to very rigid reglementation. You can drink tap water without hesitation (You have not to rely on the expensive alternative of the bottled water you find in stores).


    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Zyriacus! You are completely right and I myself almost never buy water from the shop. The funny thing is, however, even if the tap water is of a such good quality, german people still prefer drinking bottled water. Don’t you agree?


      • Sure. Even I keep a case of medium sparkling water in the house. – Maybe the consumption of vodka is slightly larger in Belarus 🙂 – And you are right about the enormous inflation in the country. A friend of mine was at Homel lately and told me that especially old people are suffering severely.


  2. You’re absolutely right ..But people’s attitude to water is changing in Belarus as well.Guess what?We drink it not only when we’re thirsty but when we get hungry too…. he-he


  3. In Germany there are a lot of studies payed by big company´s like Nestlé and co.. They want to prove how healthy their product´s are (#functional food). The best example for that is WATER.. Once they made a study about, how much water you should drink each day for a healthy lifestyle (around 2,5l each day). Dr. Prof. Wateryummy said:” if you don´t drink enough water, your skin ages faster! You get a headache! And so on..”
    The companies made a big PR campaign about that, with the result that much more people will buy the expensive water to stay healthy. Probably a win win situation, but the truth looks different..


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