Unemployment in Belarus: Work or Die

According to the official data, the unemployment rate in Belarus is only 0.5 %.
Falsified data, you might assume? I thought so too but after I’ve discovered the following data I realised that these numbers don’t necessarily lie too much.image4

Look at this:

* Subsistence level in Belarus = 77.76€ (ridiculously low)

* Unemployment benefit = 11.4€
(which comprises only 14,6% of the subsistence level!!!)

The question arises, HOW one can survive on this money?

BUT don’t worry, the Belarusian government is very family-oriented and, thus, thought of everything! If you have 1 or 2 children, or 1 handicapped child the government will give you an additional sum of money, to be precise, 1,1€. Generous, isn’t it? If you have 3 or more children (alternatively 2 or more handicapped children) the unemployment benefit will increase by 2,2€!

I think this can explain why the unemployment rate in Belarus is one of the smallest in the world. If you don’t work and don’t have anyone to provide for you, you will just fucking DIE.

However, the real number is most probably still a bit higher as the unemployed people who don’t register at unemployment agencies are not a part of the official statistics.

in the picture you can see 404,800 Belarusian rubles (20€)


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