Got a present – pay taxes!

New taxes in Belarus! Again!

If withing a year you got a present or presents the overall cost of wich exceeds 2,083 €, you have to pay a 13% tax on the summ that remains when you deduct this 2,083 €.

I have two questions heregift-34802_960_720
1. How on earth do they want to control this?
2. Is it not an interference in the private sphere of others?

This new regulation does not impose taxes, though, if the present you got came from your close relatives (parents, husband/wife, parents-in-law). Which means that if your fiance presents you a dimon ring, the state would also like have something from it.
Come on, don’t be so gready! You are rich enough with your 300€ salary!

If after the wedding celebration you buy some property (because the guests were so generous and bestowed you with money), you can’t explain your new purchase with the fact of the recent wedding. No! You, firstly, have to proof there was a wedding in the first place (contract with a restaurant etc). Then you also have to give a list with the names of all guests and the summs of money they gifted you. The workers of the Minestry of taxation would be glad to call all of them and ask if this information is true (don’t you also have a feeling the beauty and greatness of such a special event as wedding is being degraded?)

I am deeply disappointed.
The Belarusians now have to pay taxes for something that is supposed to bring  happiness and pleasure in people’s lives. But the Belarusian government does not care. As my dad says, “all they are doing is trying really hard to come up with new taxes in order to squeeze the last cent out of their countrymen”, which is indeed true.

Harsh life is getting harsher.



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