IT’S UP TO ME_the project that inspires

At the beginning of April I had a pleasure to attend a training “Train the Trainers – It’s up to me 4” organized by NaturKultur e.V., supported by Erasmus+ and funded by the German National Agency.

36 people from 6 countries came together for 7 days to improve their soft skills, to gain useful knowledge on how to be a good trainer,IMG_1811 to inspire each other and to build connections. As the organizer Darko used to say, “you all are here for a reason”.  And indeed,  this was an amazing group of people with their souls as deep as oceans, with pure hearts and big dreams, with tonnes of experience and with enormous energy.

The trainer team was also beyond any expectations. These were not only experienced trainers but also wonderful people. Darko, the organizer of the project and simultaneously a trainer, was absolutely admirable for his genuine drive to make this world to a better place. Amalia was a soul of this projects taking care of the inner world of the participants. Jim brought us in connection with our feelings and created a positive atmosphere with his adorable laugh ^^ Nedzad showed us what it means to be a strong personality with a business mindset and a big heart. Maja – a shadow trainer – impressed us with her confidence and her performance. This unusual mixture was the most important part of the project, as it not only showed us different training styles to help us figure out what is more natural for us, but also helped us to approach the topic on many different levels.

The logistic team, made of Ziga and Brane, just rocked the whole project. They not only prepared delicious food for us, but also shared soooo much of their inner warmth, positivity and energy that we fell in love with them (well, me for sure :D) Thanks for these kitchen parties and for taking care of us!

As for the content, it was intense and well planned.  We had an amazing session on public speaking and were able to try ourselves in this. It was both funny img_1963.jpgand inspiring. From the session on body language I, sincerely, did not expect much but I was pleasantly surprised when we were shown absolutely new aspects of this topic. We also discussed a mind-blowing story as an example of a crisis management which brought us down to earth and made clear how incredibly tough youth work can be. However, it also equipped us with useful knowledge and valuable insights. There was also a workshop on debating and building arguments which was super interactive and challenging. Throughout the whole week, we worked a lot in groups which proofed to be very useful. We reflected on how different group dynamics can be, what roles we normally take in a group and how we can improve our teamwork. Moreover, we worked on our emotions and tried to listen to ourselves. This is extremely important, as being a trainer demands lots of energy, attention, empathy and inner power. So in order to successfully work with other people, we need to be able to take care of ourselves first.

As for my personal life, I realized three important things:

1.  We often wait till the right time comes. But time does not come, it just passes. So don’t wait. Do it now! Tomorrow might be late for this.

2. It is essential to possess the inner strength in order to master all the challenges we come across in life. However, it demands even more bravery and strength to put aside the mask of a strong and confident person aside and to bare your soul. You won’t build a connection with people by talking to them about the weather or politics (in the last case you will most probably destroy any possible connection). You build a connection when you open up and have deep conversations; when you talk about your flows, your fears, your dreams, your happiest moments and your worst pain. This demands courage but it is so rewarding!

3. There is an image of these ideal female and male bodies we have to possess in order to be considered beautiful. There is, however, also an ideal image of a successful person that we are continuously being bombarded with from all sides. Our task is to get rid of these constantly reproduced and almost violently imposed on us images. Under the layer of all this garbage we need to find our true selves; to discover our strengths, our talents and our passions; to focus on them and to realize our beauty and our uniqueness. We ALL have something to give, something to be admired for. So let’s find the best part of ourselves and let it shine in order to bring more light and love into this world!

I feel extremely grateful for this unique opportunity to work on myself and to meet all these truly amazing people, people with endless energy and with a goal as big as to change the world! Thank you for learning with and from each other; thank you for laughing and crying together; thank you for being so inspiring and so caring!

LoVe you, beautiful people! Let’s remember: It’s UP TO US!



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