72057_131530263574248_8259987_nHello whoever you are, my dear friend or a stranger! 🙂

If you are here, I assume, you have some interest either in my life or in various cultures (maybe both?). And I am very glad to welcome you! Thanks for coming by!

About me:
Originally I come from Belarus where I spent 20 years. I have to admit I never planned to leave this country. I really loved it! But one day I very spontaneously decided to go to Germany for one year in order to improve my German. However, this one year turned into a new life. I opened a new world to me and this made me addicted, addicted to travelling.

I know, not everyone can understand this. A lot of people are afraid of, some are skeptical about, and most just don’t see a reason in travelling. When I was sharing my plans about Taiwan and England with one girl she replied: “Germany is your abroad now. Is it not enough for you?”
Funny people. No, it is not enough. Not at all. I’ve just bitten a peace, and it made me want to have the whole cake! Now I want to see more, I NEED to discover as much as possible!

Here I will post pictures, stories and observations about the countries I spent some time in and especially about my life in-beween two cultures: a Belarusian and a German one.

I hope you will enjoy my blog.
Any feedback is welcomed!

Best wishes


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